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Biopsy Instruments

Sterile single-use, stainless steel instrument for accurate and gentle skin biopsies. The biopsy occupies a central place in medical diagnosis. The punch biopsy gives a representative cross-section through the entire cutis, as it reaches sufficiently deep and includes a sufficiently wide excision of the cutis.

The most common sizes of Biopsy Punches are also available with a practical, patented plunger system. The advantage of these special punches is that an easy way of ejecting lodged tissue with the help of plunger system is guaranteed.


A procedure in which a small round piece of tissue about the size of a pencil eraser is removed using a sharp, hollow, circular instrument. The tissue is then checked under a microscope for signs of disease. A punch biopsy may be used to check for certain types of cancer, including skin, vulvar, and cervical cancer.


Punch biopsy is the preferred method of sampling for most inflammatory dermatoses because it allows the pathologist to examine all layers of skin from the epidermis through to the top layer of the subcuticular fat. For most punch biopsies, a 4 mm diameter punch provides adequate tissue sample for histopathology assessment.5,6,10 Smaller punch biopsies risk yielding insufficient tissue for accurate diagnosis and should be reserved for cosmetically sensitive areas.10 Consider a 5 mm punch in dermatoses with atypical features.6

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