10cm x 25cm x2 Packs

Use HOT to relax muscles and reduce pain.

Use COLD to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

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Place in boiling water or very hot water for aproximately 5 minutes or until desired heat is achieved, then apply to affected area. Alternatively, place in microwave oven for approximately 10 seconds on high power or until the desired temperature is reached.


Place in freezer for 30 minutes. Then apply to affected area. Can be stored in freezer until needed. Bend the pack and flex back and forth several times to soften before applying. To obtain coldest temperature, it is necessary to store in freezer for about 2 hours prior to use.


Can use hot by microwaving or boiling, or cold by freezing

Maintains therapy for approximately 30 minutes

Relieves swelling due to minor injuries

Reusable - Non Toxic

Specially designed for comfortable & convenient application
of heat or cold to painful areas of the body.

Cold application helps reduce swelling after an injury,
cool down the temperature, ease headaches & toothaches or relieve minor burns.

Hot application for temporary pain relief of aching muscles & joints,
nagging back pain or menstrual cramps.

Great for warming hands & feet on cold nights.

Available in larger sizes - 250x250mm and 150x300mm

Fast Pain Relief Without Drugs

Well Known Livingstone Brand from a leader in Medical Supplies. 

Used throughout Hospitals and Sporting Venues

Reliable Hospital Quality

1 x 100mm x 250mm

TGA No 171987